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Ekoboard Wall Systems

Technical Specifications

Characteristics Cavity Panel
Dimensions 3000x600x90 mm
Combustibility Non-combustible
Weathering weather resistant
Thermal Insulation W/(m2.K) 0.400
Sound Insulation 40 dB
Weight 47kg/m2
Compressive Strength
(100mm x 100mm test area)
5.6 mpa
Impact Resistance 10 times
(50 kg impact object)
Hanging Load 100 kg/pt)
Fire Rating > 2 hrs
Earthquake Resistance Richter 7 – 9
Water Absorption 0.82g/m2
Eco-Friendliness 60% industrial residual; 6% organic waste
Installation Speed 20 m2/man-day
Average Increased Useable Floor Area 25%

EkoBoard System Compared to Alternative

Characteristics EkoBoard System
Cavity Panel
Precast Concrete Wall Plastered Clay Brick Wall Plastered Hollow Cement Brick
Dimensions 3000 x 600 x 90mm 3000 x 600 x 100mm 240 x 15 x 53mm per brick 390 x 190 x 120mm per brick
Combustibility Non-Combustible Non-Combustible Non-Combustible Non-Combustible
Weathering Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant
Sound Insulation 40dB/td>



Weight 47kg/m2 (85kg/panel) 160-250kg/m2 425kg/m2 260kg/m2
Compressive Strength
(100 x 100mm Test Area)
5.6mpa 5.5mpa 10mpa 5mpa
Fire Rating > 2 hrs (1050⁰C) >2 hrs >2 hrs >2 hrs
Eco-Friendliness 66% Industrial & Organic
Installation Speed 20m2/man-day 15m2/man-day (single layer) 10m2/man-day (single layer) 20m2/man-day (single layer)