Proprietary Technologies

  • Euthetic Technology
  • Rectangular Beam Optics Technology
  • Forged Aluminium Casing & Heat Sink Technology
  • Modular Shell Design

RSS Scheme:

Minimal upfront capital outlay with Revogreen’s revenue sharing scheme (RSS) for street and highway lights replacement and maintenance.


Revogreen LED Lights


LED Bulb Light


LED Tunnel Light


LED Street Light


LED Traffic Signal

Advantages of Revogreen LED Lights

  • Life-span 50,000 hrs, which is at least 10 times longer than conventional lights
  • Highly reliable, provided with 3 yrs warranty for home and building use, and 6 yrs warranty for street and highway use
  • High energy savings, with 60% to 80% energy savings on average and hence, low carbon footing
  • Environmentally friendly – no toxic materials like lead and mercury used in conventional lights
  • Start-up in less than 1 second
  • Modular design allowing replacement of individual modules for ease and lower cost of maintenance
  • Natural brightness that improve visibility
  • Cost effective with maximum savings on energy, replacement cost, and maintenance costs